An ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 10002:2014 Certified Institute
Approved by AICTE New Delhi , DTE , Government of Maharashtra & Affiliated to shivaji University , Kolhapur.
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Mr. Ashok P. Adsule

The Administrative Office is started along with the establishment of the institute in A.Y 2008-09. The main functions of the Administrative office is to liaison with, and complete the timely procedures related to the institute and students laid by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Maharashtra State Government, Directorate of Technical Education (DTE), Shivaji University, Kolhapur and various other statutory authorities. Administrative Office has a vital role in the expansion of the institute & plays one of the important roles for the smooth functioning of the institute as well.

The office has the following Sections

Establishment, Account, Student, Examination, Scholarship, Inward/Outward having total 18 staff members lead by the Principal as the Head of Institute in the subsequent structure

  • Registrar
  • Office Superintendent
  • Head Clerk
  • Accountant
  • Sr. Clerk
  • Jr. Clerk
  • Office Assistant
  • Peon
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Mr. Vijay L. Khape
Office Superintendent
Incharge Establishment Section


Mr. Jayvant P. Gore
Jr. Clerk
Establishment Section


Mr. Kiran S. Pawar
Jr. Clerk

Establishment Section



This section looks after all the matters right from recruitment to retirement of the employees in the frame work of rules specified by AICTE, DTE, University and Government of Maharashtra.

  • Timely disburse the facilities sanctioned to the employees.
  • Provide staff information to the apex bodies as and when demanded
  • To keep and update leaves record daily of the employees
  • Interdepartmental transfers as per the directives
  • Prepare and Update the service books of the employees
  • Scale fixation / Increments
  • To put office orders & Notifications about employees
  • To implement quality improvement programs per the directives
  • To provide information of sanctioned and filled posts
  • To get post sanction from the Shivaji University, Kolhapur
  • To get advertisement sanction from the Shivaji University, Kolhapur
  • To arrange for Interviews at institute on behalf of the Shivaji University, Kolhapur
  • Recruitment and joining procedures
  • To maintain roster of teaching and non teaching staff
  • Monthly attendance report of all staff
  • Keep records and provide when required
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Mr. Suresh D. Gurav
Account Section


Mr. Shivaji  D. Mohane
Jr. Clerk
Account Section


Mr. Yogesh U. Kurle
Office Assistant
Account Section



This section carry out the activities related to finance of student, staff and the institute.

  • Keep the cash book
  • Prepare & Deposit monthly salary
  • Deposit TDS, PF and service tax IT
  • Form16, Yearly saving proofs / Plans for Tax deduction of employees
  • Processing of TA/DA bills
  • Cash Advances
  • Disburse the financial aid to the students received against various scholarships
  • Collection of various Fees from students
  • To keep record of defaulter students and take steps to recover the same
  • Processing of Examination Bills
  • To keep accounts of NSS, Lead college and similar accounts
  • Book keeping of accounts
  • Prepare annual balance sheet of the Institute
  • Keep records and provide when required
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Mr. Bharat A. Koli
Student Section


Mr. Ravindra V. Shinde
Jr. Clerk
Student Section


  • Pre admission promotion & Publicity of the Institute
  • F.E and DSE admissions as per the schedule and norms of Directorate of Technical Education (DTE), Mumbai
  • Verification and final approval of admissions from DTE and Pravesh Niyantran Samiti (PNS)
  • Eligibility of Students from the University
  • Branch transfer of students at S.E
  • Regular S.E to B.E year wise admissions
  • Roll numbers to students
  • Identity Cards to students
  • Maintaining detail record of every student in the software
  • Maintain General Register
  • Issue various certificates to the students
  • Issue various letters to the students
  • Notices
  • Keep records and provide when required
  • Provide students information required to the regulating bodies
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Mr. Vikas C. Koli
Examination Section

Mr. Vijay B. Patil
Office Assistant
Examination Section

  • This section carries the activities related to university examinations and conduct university examinations in the institute on behalf of the University.
  • Collect in every semester duly filled examination forms from the students as per the University schedule
  • Calculate Examination fees of every student as per the university rules
  • Prepare list of students and exam fees paid by every student and submit both to the University
  • Prepare and submit tentative Examination expenditure to the university and claim for cash advance
  • Distribute examination hall tickets to the students issued by the university
  • Get Internal Senior supervisors from the university and junior supervisors approved by the principal and accordingly issue information to them.
  • Make exam seating arrangement as per the summery given by the university
  • Support the External & Internal Senior supervisor conduct the examination smoothly
  • Keep records and provide when required
  • Notices
  • Prepare and submit the utilization statement of the examination expenditure against the cash advance received and get it approved by the university 
  • Collect revaluation / Photocopy forms from the students after the declaration of results within the specified time.
  • Calculate the fees for the revaluation /Photocopy of every student as per their result
  • Prepare list of students and revaluation / Photocopy fees paid by every student and submit both to the University.
  • Provide examination related information required to the regulating bodies
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Mr. Shivajirao S. Koli
Scholarship Section

Mr. Sachin V. Sadagune
Jr. Clerk
Scholarship Section

  • This section deals with various scholarships and concession schemes.
  • Collect duly filled scholarship and concession forms with supporting documents from eligible students
  • Check the supporting documents of every student as per the Social Welfare Office documents list and communicate the deficiency if any to the students
  • Prepare the detail list of students along with the fees as per the format and submit the same to the Social Welfare Office
  • Prepare the statement of total funds required and get it verified by from social welfare office
  • Get the funds transferred from Social Welfare office to the treasury office
  • Keep records and provide when required
  • Notices
Mr. Rajendra S. Dalavi
Incharge Inward/Outward Section

  • This section deals with all the correspondence inward and outward of the institute.
  • Assemble all the mails
  • Enter the mails in the inward/outward register with proper inward/outward numbers & date
  • Put the inward and outward seal on the mails with the respective numbers & date
  • Get the mails sorted to the respective Departments/ Sections/ staff by Principal’s remark
  • Distribute the sorted mails as per the remark
  • Dispatch the mails of the institute to the mentioned addresses in time
  • Typing of mails
  • Keep records and provide when required
  • Typing of letters, Notices, Reports, Formats and any other as required by the higher authority